Tizi was brought up on a farm in Gloucestershire where he learnt to shoot as a child, he took up clay shooting in his teens and then spent several years competing on the clay circuit.  With nearly two decades of experience as a shooting instructor at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School and heavily involved in the running of the sporting agency on both selling days in the UK and Europe, in February 2016 Tizi decided it was the right time to form McPherson Shooting.


Tizi has keepered grouse, pheasant and partridges and runs a small private shoot at home in Gloucestershire where McPherson Shooting is based along with his bespoke grouse simulator set up in a stunning setting in the Cotswolds giving one of the most realistic experiences to grouse shooting compared to the real thing.


Tizi has gained a reputation for being one of the top game shots in the country and has been listed in the Shooting Gazettes Top 10 Shooting Instructors list. In June 2016 Tizi was nominated as an Outstanding Gun for Fieldsports Magazine and won the award for Top Gun and he successfully defended his title and won again in June 2017. He is renowned to be modest and knowledgeable and a true countryman which is where his love of all aspects of the countryside to shoot design, conservation, rearing, fieldcraft and pigeon shooting which is one of Tizi's great passions.