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The main focus of Tizi's business through the game season is the ability to offer a service tailored to all levels of tuition in the field whether it be pheasant, partridge or grouse. The ability to see and experience you shooting the real thing and to increase your chances of improvement throughout your day. Game shooting in the UK and Europe is one of the most expensive hobbies there is therefore the benefit of having Tizi standing behind you means you will get maximum enjoyment from your day.  With Tizi having over 25 years of game shooting experience and being one of the top 10 shooting instructors in the country, this combination makes it an invaluable experience for you. To maximise your day, prior to the two of you heading out on a days shooting Tizi recommends meeting him at one of the many shooting schools to suit you that he has access to to have a lesson.


A recent client commented: 


"We had an amazing day on some very testing pheasants in the west country and having Tizi standing behind meant that I learnt so much but also shot as well as I have ever shot before, well worth it!"




Tizi offers a unique experience whereby he will arrange a whole days pigeon shooting both over decoys and flighting, this includes set up and all the equipment necessary for a days pigeon shooting plus Tizi will accompany you in the hide offering tuition on one of the worlds most testing winged species.  In his opinion, "If you master the art of pigeon shooting you have both the ability and talent to shoot anything".

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